Valley at Winter Park

Land Owners

After purchasing your land, there are HOA requirements to keep your lot in order. Regular maintenance of removing hazardous fuels from your land (sick and dead trees and junipers) will reduce how hot a fire will burn and how quickly it may spread. Even though you are unsure as to where your house will be placed on your lot, you can still mitigate the fire potential on your land, and get to know what wildflowers and bushes grow on your lot.

Slash Piles

Learn more about slash pile burningimage

Juniper Removal

Juniper removalimage – juniper oil is very incendiary

Remove Dead Trees

Remove standing and fallen dead trees from the area.

Remove Q-Tip Trees

Remove lodge pole pine “Q-Tip trees”image – trees that are over 100 years old and only have needles at the top 10% of the tree. When they are this old, they tend to blow down, and pose a risk for wildfires See our thinning guide and tree removal services below to determine what maintenance may be required in the trees in your area.